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Erasmus+ Programme – Small-Scale Partnership

Project No.: 2021-2-RO01-KA210-ADU-000049448
Adults from Rural Areas Also Deserve Personal Development

The aim of the project is to help the personal development of 60 adults living in rural areas of Romania and Bulgaria to lead a better quality of life, to access appropriate learning opportunities, to improve their key competences and to seek opportunities to obtain higher qualifications. The 18-month project supports the exchange of experiences and good practices in the field of personal development of rural adults. Participation in this form of non-formal learning will help them to discover and develop their level of skills, acquire knowledge, improve their positive attitudes and ultimately change their behaviour by communicating, coexisting and working more effectively within their environment (within the family, with friends or other social circles, at work, with colleagues, etc.).
The project is open to all adults who are interested in getting involved, regardless of their gender, race, religion, ability, political views, etc., as long as they have a minimum motivation and commitment to participate in all phases of the project.
Participants will go through various forms of training to develop communication skills , conflict resolution skills, problem solving skills, teamwork skills, skills for working and living in an intercultural environment, skills for planning their own development - professional and personal.
The trainings are taking place in Haskovo region – 34 participants from the villages – Konush, Zlato pole and Voivodovo.




  • We started in 1992 by publishing Open Education Journal.
  • For several years, supported by “Open Society” Institute – New York, and “Open Society” Foundation – Sofia, we developed Bulgarian versions of programs like “Health Education”, “Debates”, “Step by Step”, “Peer Counseling” and gave them nation-wide basis;
  • We are working in close co-operation with UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Culture of Peace - Bourgas Free University;
  • We have set up a Network of Youth Educational Centers, which has so far trained over 15000 teachers from all over the country in the field of Civic Education;
  • We have established the first Center for Training and Development of NGO’s, which has helped in the setting up and training of over 300 structures of the Civic society all over the country;
  • We have issued over 50 publications in the field of Civic Education;
  • Together with the Council of Europe, UNESCO and UNDP we have developed National and Regional Programs in the field of Education for Democratic Citizenship, Human Rights Teaching, Intercultural Cooperation, Enterpreneurship Education, Education in Sustainable Development, etc.


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Our Partners


  • Center for Citizenship - Russel Sage College, Saratoga, USA
  • Carrefoure Europeo- Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Agenda 21 – Bucharest , Romania
  • HIV Sports – London, United Kingdom
  • CIVITAS –Russia
  • UNESCO - Division of Human Rights, Democracy, Culture of Peace And Tolerance;
  • Center for Civic Education – Calabasas, California, USA
  • UNESCO - Human Rights and Culture of Peace Chair - Burgas Free University
  • UNESCO Network of Human Rights Chairs;
  • University of Fort Hare – East London, Republic of South Africa
  • CIVITAS International
  • Tolerance” Foundation – Warsaw, Poland
  • Center for Civic Education – Warsaw, Poland;
  • Council of Europe North-South Center - Lisbon;
  • UN Volunteers - Georgia;
  • CDR Associates - Colorado, USA;
  • Intercultura Center – Timisoara
  • Center for Civic Education – Almaty, Kazachstan